Saturday, September 18, 2010

Still here

So we are still alive. Since we have been back in the states we have been going, going, and going some more. We have had a wonderful time catching up with family and friends while enjoying the last bits of summer. We absolutely love summer in Washington. The view of the mountains in every direction, the trees and water have such an amazing glow, and the temperatures are so comfortable. What a beautiful place we live.
Our transition home has been smooth as we moved into my (jennifer) parents home temporarily. This has been a wonderful blessing for us as we get our feet firmly planted here again. Craig has resumed working at his old job doing tree work part time and projects/side jobs for family and friends to fill in the gaps. Once again we are reminded of the many blessings God has given us. God has been so faithful to us. This is our third time coming off the mission field and the third time we have to testify of Gods goodness and provision. He is so faithful!
So I do plan on keeping up with this blog but I will give you a warning that I probably won't be quite as regular as before. Thank you to all who follow our blog, we will be in touch.

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